Egypto Marble
has been operating for many years in the market, in the production and distribution of marble and granite, The selection, cutting, and polishing process is then made the Egypto Marble’s Staff to ensure a top quality production.
Therefore, Egypto Marble is able to supply not only tiles and slabs but complete projects from A to Z to give full service to its own customers. We export to United States, Canada, keeping on competitive prices at the best quality-service.
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A ‘moment of truth’

The moment of truth occurs in service delivery when our customer forms an opinion about the quality delivered with the best price.

These moments accumulate when our customer form a durable opinion about our service.


We have experts, who check all the materials, from production to shipping, serving the client to guarantee a work of high quality and the utmost satisfaction.

Marble in the Home
Marble is a wonderful addition to any room in the home. From the living room hearth, to the kitchen counters, the addition of marble adds elegance to any home decor. For more information please contact us.

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